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Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Tue Jul 30 05:25:49 PDT 2013

begin Teh Entar-Nick quotation of Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 08:35:09AM +0000:
> Don Marti:
> > begin Greg Folkert quotation of Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 04:15:40PM -0400:
> > > > >   http://zgp.org/targeted-advertising-considered-harmful/
> > > > PS: why does that page require scripts? are you trying to track
> > > > me? :-)
> > 
> > No, that page uses CSS from Google Web Fonts.  If you block
> > third-party content, it should come through fine, just with your
> > default system font.
> You're still trying to help Google track us.  Not cool.

The web is full of third-party tracking, because
browser policies were thrown together haphazardly
during the dot-com frenzy and never fixed.
(And when anyone tries to fix it, you get flamed
by Sanford Wallace 2.0:

Remember the guy whose site "makes a simple and polite
request for your browser to overwrite the contents of
your OS kernel with the bookmarks (favorites) file"?
Security issues like that made MSFT improve its
client-side security to the high standard it has
today.  Well, at least to the point where Adobe
Flash and Oracle Java are now the biggest worries
for MS-Windows users.

Actually, I forgot to put the social site buttons on
the new page.
I do plan to add a blurb about "If you see buttons
here, your browser is vulnerable to tracking.  Please
visit https://disconnect.me/ to protect your privacy."

I'll check the fallback fonts in the CSS and make
sure that the page looks reasonable with them.
Does your distribution of choice have PT Sans and
Bitstream Charter packaged?

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