[linux-elitists] A gnus enquiry. Any free news server that offers more groups and more articles in the groups for gnus?...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Aug 28 13:02:03 PDT 2013

Quoting Tony Godshall (togo at of.net):

> dude, do you see this list as your own personal web-searching research
> service?

He really does.

Apparently, the Saklad of all Saklads is _actually_ seeking a better
free-of-charge Usenet news feed than whatever piece o'crud he's using at
the moment (unstated).  He is particularly interested in better coverage
of the gnu.* hierarchy.   (That's my best guess.)

I'm betting that the stuff about him seeking 'free news servers' is
gibberish, so no point in mentioning cnews, dnews, diablo, innd, etc.
I'm betting that likewise the reference to 'gnus' is gibberish.

Of course, my Saklad-to-English translater may not be up to the task.

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