[linux-elitists] PengPod engineers for a new project

Teh Entar-Nick nick at teh.entar.net
Wed Aug 7 08:21:44 PDT 2013

Jim Thompson:
> On Aug 7, 2013, at 5:34 AM, Teh Entar-Nick <nick at teh.entar.net> wrote:
> >    Google is our Symbolics.
> 'was', not 'is'.
> The path of the righteous man leads toward FreeBSD.

Wow, that's some fabulous deck-chair rearrangement you've got there.

How's the merging of Darwin features back into FreeBSD these days, bro?

On my TV show, when I say "and where do we put policy?"
the audience will yell "USERSPACE!"  -- Sean Q. Neakums

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