[linux-elitists] Update on Getting Shlomi Fish's Emails Unbanned from vger.kernel.org (for submitting a kernel patch and getting help with git on the Better-SCM site)

Shlomi Fish shlomif at shlomifish.org
Fri Mar 30 02:36:45 PDT 2012

Hi all,

in a previous thread on this list:


I was instructed that in order to get my xconfig-search patch to the
Linux kernel through
( http://www.shlomifish.org/open-source/projects/linux-kernel/xconfig-search/ )
and finding a competent maintainer of Git on the “Better-SCM” site and
comparison ( http://better-scm.shlomifish.org/ ), I should simply try to get my
E-mail addresses unbanned by E-mailing postmaster at vger.kernel.org .

Since then what happened was:

1. I registered the throwaway PickledIbex at gmail.com account, because I was not
sure that my other, more permanent addresses were also banned from sending to
the postmaster address at @vger.kernel.org, so I needed an unfiltered address.
( Feel free to E-mail or spam me there, but I don't check it often, and I may
close it after its purpose has been served.).

2. On 14 July, 2011, I sent a message from PickledIbex at gmail.com to postmaster
-at- kernel.org by accident (note the lack of "vger.") with the request to get
my E-mail addresses unbanned.

3. Shortly afterwards, on the same day, one of the @kernel.org postmasters
kindly bounced it to postmaster at vger.org.il which were supposed to take care of

4. On 6 September, 2011, I sent a reply to the bounce to both postmaster,
thanking the @kernel.org postmaster and saying I'm sorry for the mixup, and
asking to remove the @kernel.org postmaster from futrher communications.

5. On 9 January, 2011, I sent a message to the @vger.kernel.org postmaster
(somewhat after the kernel.org break-in dust has settled some what) asking
them to tend to my request, due to the fact I have not received any reply from
them (including not a bounce or acknowledgement.).

6. I'm still waiting for a reply.


Like I said, I did not receive any reply from the @vger.kernel.org postmaster
(while receiving one from the @kernel.org one) including not a bounce or an
acknowledgement. There is the possibility that sent E-mails from them was
misclassified as spam by GMail, and eventually deleted, but it seems unlikely.
So I suspect my E-mail addresses are still banned.


If anyone would be kind and motivated enough to help in some way, that would be
appreciated, but it's not something I require of anyone to do. In the
meanwhile, I interested a certain software developer I've met online, who is
interested in becoming a kernel contributor, in taking forward the patch, and
he said he would be interested, but being busy, he needs to juggle some other
priorities. I would be interested in providing help to any other developer
who would be interested in doing that.

I just wanted to update you on where I currently stand. Feel free to comment,
and hope this message was not too long.


	Shlomi Fish

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