[linux-elitists] What I less-than-three about Debian

Matt Obert modus at as220.org
Mon Jun 18 09:21:36 PDT 2012

On Fri, 2012-06-15 at 01:56 -0400, Bob Bernstein wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 11:33:23PM -0400, Modus Operandi wrote:
> > <serious discussion ensues> <===KissOfDeath

Thanks, Bob, but I didn't mean to propose that the linux-elitists list
should have a serious discussion about the link I posted.

I was merely amused that the Debian package maintainers had a serious
discussion about the validity of the word "irregardless". Nick Phillips
filed a bug saying that the word should not be included in word lists.
In response, Don Armstrong (wbritish-huge package maintainer) retitled
the bug report "move irregardless to -insane for wbritish, but keep it
for wamerican" and tagged the bug -wontfix.

I believe that the package maintainer chose an appropriate course of
action to reflect that "Irregardless is a word, but happens to be one
which makes no grammatical sense and thus whose usage is nonstandard,"
and that since its (mis)usage "seems to be more prevalent in en_US than
en_GB" it should be included in the wamerican-huge word list, but
relegated to the "insanely huge" wbritish-insane word list.

I was trying to indicate my appreciation for the fact that Team Debian
treats such grammatical minutiae with the same gravitas as any other bug
report or package policy issue. I may have chosen my words poorly; if
so, I apologize for wasting everyone's time with such trivialities and I
hope you all have a nice day ... irregardless.

Modus Operandi <modus at as220.org>

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