[linux-elitists] Ledger: org mode for double-entry bookkeeping

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Mon Dec 10 08:51:36 PST 2012

begin Nathaniel Smith quotation of Fri, Dec 07, 2012 at 08:45:42PM +0000:

> If I wanted to be an engineer when I grew up, then I'd convince
> someone to pay me to write a sort of bastard child of sqlite and git,
> where you could write a description of complex data structures and it
> would implement
> chained-hash-synchronization/delta-compressed-storage/provably-good-merge-algorithms,
> with a clean API to expose conflicts to the app as structured
> first-class entities and other niceties useful for synchronizing apps
> (e.g., pruning history, in case you don't need 15 years of edits to
> your mail store or calendar). Couchdb kind of wants to be this, but
> last I checked couchdb doesn't even record merges in its internal
> history graph, so it's doomed.

Good idea.  Making SQLite the default data file
format for applications is nice as long as you don't
do anything interesting with those data files such
as try to version, merge, or collaborate on them.

Is there a good simple command-line tool for merging
tree-structured files such as XML or JSON?  One that
could be used as a git mergetool?

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