[linux-elitists] Little Miss Moffitt

Teh Entar-Nick nick at teh.entar.net
Wed Apr 4 05:31:19 PDT 2012

Rick Moen:
> Quoting Nick Moffitt (nick at teh.entar.net):
> > Just do a Web search for "Rick Moen" and "second grade" to find him
> > shutting down scores of talentless hecklers who'd encountered his
> > name for the first time.  
> Sorry, but who what?
> Performing suggested search finds...

Ah, sorry.  I guess I should have actually done a web search of that
instead of my private mail archives.  My bad, but in my defense I was
rushed away from my mail before I could go back to edit.  

> Your point will doubtless be fascinating once you arrive at it.

For a while you responded to mockery of your surname by intimating that
the heckler must still be around 7 years old.  At this point I've lost
the motivation to locate public evidence of this, and leave it as an
entertaining exercise for the reader.

Schrödinger's cat was an observer.
WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!  Stop the silence!

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