[linux-elitists] Little Miss Moffitt

Nick Moffitt nick at teh.entar.net
Tue Apr 3 09:42:06 PDT 2012

Rick Moen:
> Quoting Marc MERLIN (marc at merlins.org):
> > I really would help to put a small signature "this is my real name,
> > please see http://.. ".
> Marc, I don't know about you, but I can imagine the experience of
> having a name that some refuse to believe is real might get your
> stubborn up, and become something of a badge of pride.  

Perhaps people with oft-questioned names could wear some kind of badges
on their lapels containing a long-form birth certificate in a QR code!
I'm sure that Google would support this, given their fast-track process
for cancelling accounts with names that don't pass the commonality test
in Fargo or wherever.

Those of you who know me personally will know this already, but someone
I am very close to has just such an unlikely name.  Perhaps you could
also object to my last name because of the nursery rhyme.  Just do a
Web search for "Rick Moen" and "second grade" to find him shutting down
scores of talentless hecklers who'd encountered his name for the first

A few lurkers on this list noted in IRC the other day that they honestly
didn't suspect that Marc's last name really was "Merlin" until he
started mocking Shlomi.

"It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to
find out how nature *is*.  Physics concerns what we can
*say* about nature."
                -- Niels Bohr

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