[linux-elitists] Currently, who are the best programmers in the world?...

Karsten M. Self karsten at linuxmafia.com
Mon Oct 24 11:58:40 PDT 2011

on Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 11:23:48AM -0700, Rick Moen (rick at linuxmafia.com) wrote:
> Quoting Ed Carp (erc at pobox.com):
> > No, it's me ;)
> ..but not simultaneously the best grammarian in the world.
> (As Steven Wright observed, 'You can't have everything.  Where would you
> put it?')

Mason jars.

Amphorae necks are too skinny.

That's what did in the ancient Greeks.

The moderns are suffering from the corrolary to Wright's observation,
being how to pay the bill once it arrives.


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