[linux-elitists] Great recent Unix software

Teh Entar-Nick nick at teh.entar.net
Mon Feb 14 09:25:45 PST 2011

Shlomi Fish:
> 2. tmux - screen done right. 

Anti-GPL muppetry aside, tmux fixes a lot of long-standing problems with
screen and keeps a tight focus.  One important thing it does right is to
support actual UTF-8, and not just "UTF-8 of any codepoint in the BMP,
because we use UCS-2 internally just like MS-Windows and Java."  It has
a fantastic subcommand-based configuration syntax, so my .tmux.conf
looks like:

	set-option -g prefix C-]
	unbind-key C-b
	unbind-key ]
	unbind-key C-]
	bind-key ] send-prefix
	bind-key C-] last-window

	set-option -g default-terminal screen-256color-bce
	set-option -g terminal-overrides "xterm:colors=256"

	# Set up a statusline rasher likes
	set-option -g status-utf8 on
	set-option -g status-bg default
	set-option -g status-fg colour128
	set-option -g status-left "#H: "
	set-option -g status-right "#[fg=green]#H #[fg=yellow] %Y-%m-%d %H:%M "
	set-window-option -g window-status-current-fg colour134
	set-window-option -g clock-mode-style 24

So I tested each one of these by running e.g. "tmux set-window-option -g
clock-mode-style 24".  The configuration file is itself a tmux script.

Their whining about the GPL in all the literature does sour me on the
development community, though.  The GPL won, guys.  It's doing its job

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