[linux-elitists] memex on a stick?

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Mon Sep 20 09:02:49 PDT 2010

Ben, Nick:

If you are going off on a "which DVCS is better" topic, please change
the Subject line or risk being accused of hijacking the thread


You seem to have a clear idea of what a memex is that many of the rest
of us lack- could you point us to a definition that fits what you are
talking about a little better than the one on Wikipedia?

Best Regards.

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 01:31, Teh Entar-Nick <nick at teh.entar.net> wrote:
> Ben Finney:
>> Don Marti <dmarti at zgp.org> writes:
>> > Git looks very promising as the "plumbing" of a memex
>> Why Git in particular? What prevents any of the big three DVCSen
> Wow, that's the first time I've seen anyone use the "-en" plural form on
> a word that didn't end in 'x'.
>> (Git, Bazaar, Mercurial) from doing the job in your opinion?
> They're all roughly equivalent now.  Git has the benefit of popularity,
> at the expense of user interface (no dammit just let me commit the diff
> you're showing me without a page-long lecture about some stupid
> inventory!).  I'd expect that nearly anything you hear anyone promote
> about one of those three applies to all of them, these days.
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