[linux-elitists] nmcli and NetworkManager configuration

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Thu Sep 2 23:15:42 PDT 2010

Phil Mayers <p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk> writes:
> A couple more pointers:
> http://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/developers/settings-spec-08.html
> ...or the older:
> http://live.gnome.org/NetworkManagerConfigurationSpecification
> ...shows the schema; in keyfile language the setting "name"
> corresponds to the ini section and the keyname to the ini key, like
> so:

Thank you very much for these examples, and to all for the the helpful
advice in this thread.

I know a few other people who are likewise interested in these issues,
so I am sure there will be some experimentation taking place before too

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