[linux-elitists] nmcli and NetworkManager configuration

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Sat Aug 28 20:30:45 PDT 2010

NetworkManager is increasingly being installed by Linux distributions
these days. Recent versions come with a shell utility, nmcli, intended,
for use by users who prefer the command line (I'm in that category) and
for servers. I understand that NM provides multiple network profiles and
facilitates the configuration of WPa2, 3G modems, etc.

Some of those features could be useful. I've read the nmcli(1) manual
page and experimented with running nmcli, but it seems to be missing the
ability to configure new connections. (Having just installed NM, I don't
have any profiles or interface configurations set up.)

How is one supposed to configure NM from the shell, i.e., without
running X?

Are there any alternative projects that I should look at?

The main use cases at the moment are, for example, switching between
multiple network profiles with different IPv4/IPv6 configurations;
setting up wireless (including WPA2) networking quickly on a laptop,
etc. I could write shell scripts, of course, but I'd rather work with
daemons and tools designed for the purpose than to reinvent what others
are devoting significant development effort to create.

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