[linux-elitists] email elitims

Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) shot at hot.pl
Sat Sep 19 08:40:53 PDT 2009

Teh Entar-Nick:

> Everyone I know who's tried sup says that it works just fine so long
> as you only have about a hundred mails. Also it does not provide
> features for moving mails from one folder to another, believing that
> you should just tag mails for searches. Performance suffers as you
> would expect, since you cannot move mails out of an overfull
> mbox/maildir.

Well, about a year ago I migrated to a single maildir of my sent mail
(7500 emails) and a single archive of all the emails I consider worth
keeping (9000 emails) plus per-account backups of everthing that arrives
there, including spam (70000 emails in the largest; purged quarterly or

Switch with Mutt into =sent or =achive takes about two seconds from
a cold disk cache, for the very rare situations when I need to fish
something in the backups I’m happy to wait twenty. I guess using SSD
disk helps, but I’d definitely wouldn’t want to go back to my old way
of having per-sender folders even if I was on a classic hard drive.

— Shot
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