[linux-elitists] Ten years later...

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Tue May 26 19:02:33 PDT 2009

Well, we just passed the 10th anniversary of the first
LinuxWorld (hey, kids!  Original 1999 mail piece!


) and we're coming up on the 10th anniversary of the
release of DeCSS.

Since the DVD court cases that started ten years ago
ended in a crushing defeat for the forces of personal
use copying, freedom, and software innovation, you
might except the descendants of DeCSS to hang out in
remote, discreet corners of the Internet and that's
about it.

But wandering through a nearby store, part of a Major
Office Supply Chain, with a small boy who decided
to browse brightly colored products and not put them
back, I found myself putting this product back on
the shelf:


  "123 Copy DVD Gold is our flagship product. It
  can do anything you can think of when it comes to
  copying, converting or transferring all of your
  favorite DVDs and video files to any device or
  media you wish."

What the heck?  A 1201(b) violation right there in a
shrink-wrap package, at a presumably legally cautious
retailer.  Is it a scam?  Or a circumvention device
hiding in plain sight?

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