[linux-elitists] reputation systems, the FUSSP (was Re: Spam filters)

Gerald Oskoboiny gerald at impressive.net
Sun Mar 29 21:32:13 PDT 2009

* Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> [2009-03-27 09:33-0700]
> Quoting Gerald Oskoboiny (gerald at impressive.net):
> > Reputation systems.
> Have you noticed that, when you say eminently sensible things like
> "Reputation systems", there's always some clown whose spinal reflex
> forces him/her to say "But [reputation systems or whatever it was you
> mentioned] are not the ultimate, final, single solution to spam!",

I thought about submitting a paper to the spam conference last
week entitled "Reputation Systems: the Final, Ultimate Solution
to the Spam Problem" but didn't get around to writing it in time.
(for those not aware, FUSSP is the classic term used to mock
people who stupidly think they know how to solve the spam problem.
Except in this case I TOTALLY DO.)

I started writing something about this a while ago (yikes, almost
4 years ago) but it was a bit too unfocused and I never managed
to finish it. Here is my draft in progress, where "in progress"
means ignoring it except for adding a link every few months when
I see related software or news:

I'll try to spend more time on this soon. Maybe I should try
blogging about it in smaller pieces or something.

Gerald Oskoboiny <gerald at impressive.net>

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