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Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) shot at hot.pl
Sat Mar 28 12:44:36 PDT 2009

D. Joe:

> Hiding isn't an anti-spam panacea but, wonderfully enlightening 
> discussions of anti-spam flavor-of-the-month aside, what is?

An email admin with a clue – either you should
be one or your email provider should have one.

Seriously, if I get an email service from anyone, I expect them to 
filter the spam for me (ideally, as an option), much like I expect
the postal service not to let random people put advertisements in my 
mailbox. I’ve been told Gmail does quite a good job in this department, 
so it’s not impossible to do.

> It's really not that hard to see why some non-elitists try it, and
> not that hard to make a case that there are ways, sadly imperfect, 
> impermanent, incomplete and otherwise pathetic ways (like so much else 
> in human existence) in which it works for some people.

I agree it might work for some people some of the time. My point is
that email hiding does have its vices, and in my opinion they greatly 
outweight its virtues – my well-hidden email address was maliciously
put on a spammer’s list once, so I learned this lesson the hard way.

Hiding means you make it harder for others to use your email address 
(which is, IMHO, a total failure in itself) while not giving you the 
advantages you think it gives in the long run.

— Shot
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