[linux-elitists] Proposal: Roster accessible to subscribers

Aidan Van Dyk aidan at highrise.ca
Thu Mar 26 16:04:48 PDT 2009

* Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> [090326 17:54]:
> On a matter somewhat less mired in comedy, let's return briefly to Mr.
> Aidan Van Dyk's notion that "the current membership should all be
> flagged as 'hidden' en masse", which is at least bothering to think
> creatively.  Aidan probably doesn't know it, but this suggestion 
> implicitly volunteers Don Marti's time for frobbing the "hide" flag 
> to the enabled setting individually for (what I would estimate to be) 
> every one of some several hundred existing subscribers.  Personally, I
> am in less of a hurry to create lengthy makework tasks of dubious value
> for friends to carry out.

As a linux-elitist, it's probably a one line command, going to take him
a minute or two to think up, 10 seconds to type and unnoticable time to

On the other hand, for all those you want to do the "hide me" thing,
there's probably *at least* that much time involved for *each* of them
to follow the steps to hide themselves, including the grap-the-url,
switch-to-browser, type-info, switch-to-mail,
wait-for-mail-with-password, switch-to-browser, enter-submit-form,
find-hide-me-option, check, submit...

So, I suggested 1 thing that Don may want to do, if *he* was concerned
about trying to satisfy the "opt-out" people.  And you've suggested a
process that everybody (or specifically, the opt-out people) should do.

And *of course* my suggestion was for something that only Don could do.
It's his list, and he runs it.  Of course, *your* suggestion also
suggests Don do something..

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