[linux-elitists] Spam filters

Bob Bernstein rs at bernstein.providence.ri.us
Thu Mar 26 15:53:41 PDT 2009

On Thu, 26 Mar 2009, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:

>> Hiding isn't an anti-spam panacea but, wonderfully enlightening 
>> discussions of anti-spam flavor-of-the-month aside, what is?
> Reputation systems.

Are whitelists properly thought of as "reputation systems?" Or are 
they, perhaps, the dinosaurs of that family tree?

When I finally implemented a whitelist (using your scripts Gerald, 
thanks), after years of running SA and bogo and spamprobe, I felt I 
was capitulating to the enemy. There was marked emotional resistance 
to making that change in my anti-spam defenses.


Bob Bernstein

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