[linux-elitists] Proposal: Roster accessible to subscribers

Aidan Van Dyk aidan at highrise.ca
Thu Mar 26 12:16:10 PDT 2009

* Tilghman Lesher <zgp-org at the-tilghman.com> [090326 15:00]:
> > This is, in fact, exactly what's been done.  Result?  The number of
> > people who've said "Yeah, me", either on-list or off, has been exactly
> > zero.  Nada.
> And thanks to the way that you've treated those who have raised even a
> theoretical objection to the action, it's likely that nobody will, lest they
> raise the ire of Mad Moen.

So the solution should be obvious, right?

If Don wants, he can change the policy going forward.  To appeal the
theoretical concerns of the "opt-in not opt-out" crowd, the current
membership should all be flagged as "hidden" (as described by Rick
earlier) en masse, as Don switches the settings for mailman.

And then Rick and co. can start begging us all to "unhide", and they can
rest comfortably knowing all futures new subscriptions will default to
be un-hidden, and those current subscribers who want to be un-hidden
can, and those current subscribers who took the original comment about
being anonymous as a contract will feel that the contract has been
abided by.

As someone who's traditionally been a proponent of "netiquette", the
"change it and let them hid themselves" does seem to be opt-out, not
opt-in...  I've a feeling that most people won't "opt in" to being
un-hidden ... so if the purpose of the open membership is to see who's
subscribed, then there's not much point to changing it that way.

But I have a feeling that most people won't "opt out" of being public

Most are probably just as lazy as me and will accept, whether we think it
was best choice or not, whatever happens...


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