[linux-elitists] Proposal: Roster accessible to subscribers

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 26 11:36:51 PDT 2009

Quoting D. Joe Anderson (deejoe at etrumeus.com):

> Perhaps you haven't read the list info page, then:
> "If you are a lurker, your address is confidential. "

Well, I'll freely admit that I didn't notice that.  (Honestly, would it
have hurt you to have pointed out that Don had put that on the listinfo
page, rather than just vaguely claiming on the basis of no cited
evidence that he'd made some sort of promise?)

So, here's what one does when one proposes to change such a policy:

One puts out a call saying "Is there anyone who is going to object to
this policy change's effect on his/her subscription address, and feels
it's too much of a personal imposition to flip a subscription option, if
you wish to keep the existence of your subscription hidden from all
fellow subscribers except the listadmin?"  

This is, in fact, exactly what's been done.  Result?  The number of
people who've said "Yeah, me", either on-list or off, has been exactly
zero.  Nada.  

Calling the listinfo page's phrase a "commitment" merely because Don
wrote it, and stating that it entails a moral claim to not ever change
the default roster semantics, is ridiculous and, as I said, bushwah.  

And the correct word for my assessment of your view is not tantrum but
rather dismissal -- though, speaking as a Scandinavian-American, I do
appreciate Mr. Lesher thoughtfully taking the time to ensure that, in
this case, idiocy is not voiced solely by someone named "Anderson".

> I don't think *everyone* is inconvenienced either way.

See original e-mail.  Which, unlike your evidence of Don having made a
so-called "commitment", I actually posted.

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