[linux-elitists] Proposal: Roster accessible to subscribers

Bob Bernstein rs at bernstein.providence.ri.us
Thu Mar 26 11:26:52 PDT 2009

On Thu, 26 Mar 2009, Rick Moen wrote:

> ...two express theoretical moral outrage on behalf of 
> theoretically objecting subscribers who have steadfastly failed, 
> after being invited, to indicate their existence, even privately 
> to the listadmin.

Perhaps the "theoretically objecting subscribers" are victims of an 
uncaring society? Perhaps they don't have internet access? Maybe 
they cannot use a keyboard? What if they are sufficiently challenged 
in a cognitive way that they don't understand how their rights are 
about to be trampled on? Thank God for Lesher et al. Thank God for 
the fundamental liberal impulse: "You don't know what's good for you 
but I do."

> I suspect that "hypocritical according to Tilghman Lesher" will 
> become a popular endorsement phrase for the new era, sort of like 
> "banned in Scotland" was in the days of Monty Python films.

Or, more commonly, "Banned in Boston."

Bob Bernstein

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