[linux-elitists] Spam filters

D. Joe deejoe at etrumeus.com
Thu Mar 26 08:58:57 PDT 2009

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 12:03:59AM +0000, Jason White wrote:
> Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) <shot at hot.pl> wrote:
> >Am I the only one who completely doesn't get the whole hiding
> >concept?
> No.

Wow.  You guys are serious, aren't you?

I mean, sure.  I get at least some of why *elitists* on their
own behalf see little point in hiding compared to other
approaches.  Hiding isn't an anti-spam panacea but, wonderfully
enlightening discussions of anti-spam flavor-of-the-month aside,
what is?

It's really not that hard to see why some non-elitists try it,
and not that hard to make a case that there are ways, sadly
imperfect, impermanent, incomplete and otherwise pathetic ways
(like so much else in human existence) in which it works for
some people.  Just as there's a huge differential between people
for whom firing up "sudo mount" or "sudo $EDITOR /etc/fstab" is
Just Not A Problem when it comes to mounting pieces of removable
media, and those for whom it goes beyond delusional to consider
that even remotely acceptable, so goes the argument that
deploying $COOLTOOLDUJOUR is the only way to go with spam.

I mean, really.  It's a recurring theme.  If you are an elitist
for yourself and only for yourself, just nevermind this whole
message.  If you've got even a whiff of responsibility for
non-elitists as either a vendor of tools or services or as some
sort of evangelist or *whatever*, then you should be at least
mildly conversant with some arguments for hiding, lest you come
off like a completely out-of-touch loon.

I assume most elitists *do* get the arguments for hiding,
recognize their merits, and simply take the stand that they know
a better way, and that if you become one of them or hire one of
them or otherwise convince one of them to help you, you can
benefit from this better way.  And hopefully they can make that
point without leading anyone to the conclusion that, when it
comes to dealing with spam or dealing with an elitist, dealing
with the spam is the lesser evil.


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