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Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Wed Mar 25 20:24:31 PDT 2009

begin glen martin quotation of Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 06:33:22AM -0700:

> I've had very good results with CRM114.  I set up my mail to go through
> spamassassin and amavis first, having configured them to only decorate
> the emails (ie add headers), and then I let CRM114 loose on that. I then
> toss the spam into a checkspam folder for storage. i retrain by moving
> messages from inbox or checkspam into a reclassify folder, and have a
> cron job that picks those up and swats CRM114s nose with them. I also
> initially trained CRM114 with about 1000 good and bad messages to start,
> 3 or so years ago.

Do you pre-filter at the MTA level, or do SA and
CRM114 see everything?

I used to have a really well-trained CRM114
-- it would not only filter out all the spam,
it would pre-filter press releases and trash the
non-Linux-related ones.  Then I started retraining and
I got a CRM114 with a bad attitute that kept trashing
legit list mail.  So if CRM114 doesn't work well, you
could always try blowing away its state and starting
again when you have some time to concentrate on its
early training.

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