[linux-elitists] Proposal: Roster accessible to subscribers

Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) shot at hot.pl
Tue Mar 24 11:36:08 PDT 2009

Rick Moen:

> I've seen entire technical threads where coders consider how to
> build X-No-Archive: Yes _"inheritance"_ into mailing list software, 
> before realising the whole idea was madness, and leaving the 
> hiding-from-spammers problem to individuals.

Am I the only one who completely doesn’t get the whole hiding concept?

To me there’s no better way to keep the spam filter¹ exercised than
to have a nice selection of contemporary spam flowing in daily, so 
I publish my addresses verbatim wherever possible.

Given that one can’t sanely belive in hiding their email address from 
spammers (a single person one mailed two years ago who now has an 
infected Outlook is enough for the spammers to get one’s address),
any ‘well hidden’ address is a prime subjects for spamming, as its
spam filter is weak and malnourished.

¹ Bogofilter in my case

— Shot
Secretary at Twitter has portrait of Trotsky for her desktop. They don’t make
a stress ball strong enough for the squeezing I need to do. [Maciej Cegłowski]
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