[linux-elitists] Events, next week and August

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Fri Mar 20 10:18:05 PDT 2009

Anyone coming to OSBC next week?  If so, I'll
see you there.  (I'm planning to cover some
reciprocal-licensing-related talks for LWN, so all you
LWN readers out there can see what Continuing Legal
Education is teaching lawyers about GPL obligations
and how much you can do while still meeting them.)

One more event opportunity: as you might already
know, LinuxWorld is now OpenSource World (see .sig)
and will be free of charge for Qualified Attendeess.
(That's you.  If the web form says otherwise,
mail me.)  The format will be a little different
this time.  One day of community miniconferences,
two days of regular tracks.

I'm looking for one more community miniconference.
Since the show audience is sysadmins and IT managers,
it can't be something too developer-ish (I'd like to
invite the Linux Driver Project to do a developer day,
but not enough audience overlap.)  There's going to
be a Samba/OpenLDAP/MSFT interoperability day, and if
all goes well, a day on general free/free integration
and deployment, but would be good to get one more.

So, if you need a one-day conference venue in San
Francisco in August, please keep OSW in mind.

And one more thing -- let's make it a goal not to do
all our meals at the same old restaurants we always go
to around LinuxWorld time.  If you know San Francisco,
how about adding your favorite place to?


Don Marti                                 +1 510-332-1587 mobile
dmarti at zgp.org
See you at OpenSource World: August 11-13, 2009 in San Francisco

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