[linux-elitists] Fwd: RFC: Freecell Solver Licence "Change"

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Thu Mar 19 20:46:20 PDT 2009

begin Rick Moen quotation of Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 07:40:22PM -0700:

> > There are thus quite a number of articles on Wikipedia that I've 
> > always considered horribly wrong, but attempting to fix them isn't worth
> > the likelihood of (1) getting slagged personally for my pains, and (2)
> > getting into losing edit wars with deliberately nameless people who have
> > no clue what they're talking about.

Wikipedia editors were willing to let "copyright
protection technology" stand in quite a few places --
I converted a bunch of that weasel wording to "DRM"
with a link to the relevant article, and hope it took.

There ought to be a huge posse of digital freedom
lovers following "recent changes" to relevant
articles, and converting "protect the content" to
"restrict the user (or customer)" dagnabit.

> Anyway, back to the two WTFPL pages:  Like many really lamentable
> Wikipedia pages, the main page is a hodge-podge of stuff by people who
> have done no thinking whatsoever about the subject.  It meets WP:NPOV
> guidelines by citing only verifiable fact, which is good, but fails to
> note the licence text's glaringly obvious defective construction --
> which defect is difficult to miss if you actually _read_ the licence.

Hey, if there's a Wikipedia page on some one-project
license, I want a Wikipedia page on the zgp.org ToS:


"In consideration for your use of and access
to this web site, you grant Site Owner, and Site
Owner's officers, employees, and authorized agents,
a worldwide, sublicensable, non-exclusive license
under Patent Claims infringed by the making, using
or selling of the Web Site Software, for the duration
of the patents."

(So far, two employees at different companies have
reported the zgp.org domain blocked their web filter
software for "Hacking."  Maybe it's working.)

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