[linux-elitists] Linux Home Automation: X10 vs Insteon vs Zwave vs UPB

Marc MERLIN marc at merlins.org
Thu Mar 19 08:01:06 PDT 2009

I recently did a fair amount of homework to see which was the
better bet for using on linux.

Summary of the research:
- Insteon is the cheapest while offering all the features I needed

- Misterhouse on linux is the way to go and had full support for
  Insteon (and now extensive documentation I just finished writing :)

- UPB is supposed to work, slightly nicer, but clearly more pricy
  I'm told by the mh driver author that mh support is supposed to be
  comparable to Insteon, even if it's not as well documented. I didn't
  find many users or docs, so you may need to "read the source" or ask
  on the list, and improve the wiki doc :)

- Zwave, I found conflicting info on, but ultimately it didn't seem
  finished in misterhouse, and you had to buy more expensive Leviton
  switches for full two way support, making it about as expensive as
  UPB when it's unclear if it's as good.
  Zwave is however the only one to support older houses without a
  neutral (white) wire in your switch boxes, so you may have to pick
  that if this what you got in your house.

This section of page I wrote has a lot more info that should answer most

Hope this helps,
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