[linux-elitists] That ol' familiar MUA song (was: [Meta] Is it now possible to CC other addresses on email to linux-elitists?)

Paul Collins paul at burly.ondioline.org
Thu Mar 19 01:04:16 PDT 2009

Ben Finney <bignose+hates-spam at benfinney.id.au> writes:

> "Karsten M. Self" <karsten at linuxmafia.com> writes:
>> on Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 03:08:06AM +0000, Jason White (jason at jasonjgw.net) wrote:
>> > Mutt is the best MUA that I have used so far. GNUS is tempting,
>> > but apparently its performance is slow with large maildir folders,
>> > of which I have a tendency to accumulate many.
> I'm using a combination of Gnus for NNTP (which includes both Usenet
> proper, and Gmane's wealth of forums available via NNTP), and Mutt for
> IMAP. I haven't tried Gnus against IMAP much to know if it's slow.

I use Gnus locally with a remote Dovecot via an ssh tunnel, and it's not bad.

> I find procmail comfortable through experience, but hot damn it's
> still far more baroque than it needs to be. I've been casting sly
> glances at GNU Sieve for a couple of years.

Dovecot's LDA has a sieve plugin.  Here I was going to complain about it
being useless due to lacking such advanced features as regexps, but the
Internet claims it does, so I guess I'll have to look into it again.

Paul Collins
Wellington, New Zealand

Dag vijandelijk luchtschip de huismeester is dood

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