[linux-elitists] [Meta] Is it now possible to CC other addresses on email to linux-elitists?

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Sun Mar 15 04:14:23 PDT 2009

Hi all!

I was once told that the linux-elitists mailing list manager was configured to 
reject sent emails that also had other recipients on "To:" or "CC:". However, 
two emails I sent lately while having another recipient had been received by 
the list. [MyEmails]

So my question is whether this policy has been permanently changed. I 
personally think this change is a good idea, because other people and I are 
used to hitting "reply to all", and because sometimes you'd like to CC some 
other people. (I naturally have no intention of abusing it).


	Shlomi Fish

[MyEmails] - I should note that it was not done on purpose, just as a habit of 
hitting the "Reply to all" button on my mailer.
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