[linux-elitists] LGPL compliance

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Mar 13 05:51:26 PDT 2009

A quick question: I caught some local code monkeys using LGPL
licensed code about to be shipped in a proprietary product. 
In order to assure we're compliant, do we have
to isolate the LGPL code into a dynamically linked library,
or is it enough to use a statically linked library using
unmodified LGPL code and ship the full source of the LGPL code
and the license along with it without disclosing the proprietary
code statically linked to it? IANAL, so I don't exactly know what
qualifies as a derivative work.

I presume that we have to use a dynamic linking approach, but
I'd like to check to make sure before making the people jump through
a couple of extra hoops.


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