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Raistlin Majere raistlin at majere.net
Mon Jun 29 09:11:26 PDT 2009

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I'm not seing any problems with the Atheros .. I use the machine mostly
with the WiFi .. under Windows XP and Ubuntu Jaunty ..

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Jason Spence wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 01:17:01PM +0200, Eugen Leitl wrote: 
>> I've been shopping around for a decent netbook system
>> (LED screen, Atom or equivalent, 2 GByte RAM, can take
>> SSDs (Kinston SSDNow-V series 64 GByte), effective battery 
>> life 5-8 h)), for roughly 500 EUR. I want to mostly use 
>> it as portable Nagios console, hooked up to UMTS via Bluetooth.  
>> So far I've found a Latitude 2100 (comes with Ubuntu 8.12)
>> and Asus Eee PC 1000HE. Any other recommendations? (Not
>> having to pay Microsoft tax in Germany is a plus).
> I'm pretty happy with my Acer Aspire One I bought as part of the Radio
> Shack deal where AT&T subsidizes it with a contract.
> A few notes: 
> The Atom chipset can't do more than 2 GiB of RAM, so if you have, say,
> 512 MiB on the motherboard already then you can only upgrade to 1.5
> and not 2.5.
> The Aspire One keyboard is at the lower bound of what I can touch type
> on.  I can't type reliably on the Eee PC 900 keyboards, they're a
> touch smaller than the Aspire One.
> To get 8-9 hours of battery life, you have to get an aftermarket
> battery and the high capacity ones stick out quite a bit.  The netbook
> won't be flat afterwards either, because the hicap batteries form a
> little stand that the netbook sits on.
> The Windows firmware for the Qualcomm Gobi chipset in my unit
> activates a serial port which is labelled "NMEA".  I can't figure out
> how to make it provide GPS data, but it would be darn handy if I
> could.
> There's something weird going on with the Atheros chip in my unit: it
> stops forwarding frames after a while no matter whose drivers I'm
> using.  I have to reboot to fix this.
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