[linux-elitists] So, Microsoft spent that good will already. | Rick Moen please READ!

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Thu Jul 23 21:26:24 PDT 2009

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 07:31:56PM -0700, James Sparenberg wrote:
> Seems that MS is releasing code under the GPL that previously,
> actually violatedthe GPL.  In other words they aren't willing to get
> caught as SCO did, in a situation where they can't claim foul
> because of their own dirty behavior.

Which is great that they have come clean, what's the problem with that?

Lots of companies have done this in the past (come clean with the code),
and that's great, it is exactly what the large majority of the Linux
kernel developers want to see happen.  Including myself.  And it is
by doing this, we have brought more companies into the Linux kernel
development community, and in the end, made Linux much better for both
us as developers, and everyone else as users.

You, yes you, have directly benifited from this strategy over the past
15 years, whether you realized it or not.

What's that phrase about catching more things with honey than vinegar...

> So it seems that, as many of us have suspected.  There is GPL'd code
> in the Microsoft base,

Wait, WTF are you talking about here?

Since when is the Linux Hyper-V drivers somehow part of "Microsoft's
base"?  Please show me exactly how you think this is true, because I
sure do not.  Especially as if you actually _look_ at the code in
question here, it is very trivial to determine exactly where it
originally came from, and who wrote it in the first place.

Please get a clue.

I'm tired of this whole thing now.  If people aren't happy about what
just happened, the fact that a major software company just validated the
license of the largest and fastest growing software project in the
history of computing, and also validated the statement that this
project's developers made about the license under which all drivers that
interact with their project, then they need to seriously rethink their
true motives and see if it has anything at all in common with the people
who are actually creating this project.

bah, stupid kids, get off my lawn, you aren't the one watering it!

greg k-h

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