[linux-elitists] OH NOOES! Another GPL release from Microsoft!

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Jul 23 10:56:33 PDT 2009

Quoting Bob Bernstein (rs at bernstein.providence.ri.us):

> Don't know. Haven't seen them. However, if by "Universal Science"
> you mean the project begun in the Thirties by such as Frank,
> Carnap and Bridgman to create an _Encyclopedia of Unified
> Science_, then you should retain that section. If you mean simply
> to comment on Aristotle (as your other topic names suggest) then
> you probably ought to deep-six it.

Surely all _Linux Gazette_ authors need a sound grounding in "A=A", ja?

And you should see the splendid treatise on epistemology in the
volunteer project status page!

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