[linux-elitists] So, Microsoft spent that good will already. | Rick Moen please ignore.

Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Thu Jul 23 05:06:05 PDT 2009

Well, seems the goodwill generated this week(1) was seriously burning a
hole in Microsoft's pocket.


Seems Microsoft is still at its same old tricks. Judgment drawn.

(1) == I think that the Kernel Code that was "contributed" via GPLv2 to
the Kernel has a larger story.

Greg K-H do you have any information about this possible GPL violation,
"forcing" this code release, I've been reading about? Something to do
with Vyatta... Stephen Hemminger... he felt Novell was to close to
Microsoft to resolve this directly.

Here is that link:

I was *trying* to be kind and allowing the story to un-fold here rather
than extricating things. Any additional Comments Greg K-H? Things like
time-line and other parts would be nice to know.

IMO and perhaps others feel the same way, Microsoft committed a GPLv2
copyright violation. Just stopping its code from being distributed
doesn't erase the violation that happened. The cure many GPL copyright
holders want and perhaps the GPLv2 requires is Source Code release.
Microsoft *DID* release the source code under the GPLv2, but this might
be consider an "expo-facto" fix or late-fix. Otherwise, I'd think that
Microsoft would have been on the end of a lawsuit they might possible
legally win, but would truly BURN the proverbial Mindset Eye forever.
This would have been the straw that broke many a back.

And Rick, if you've gotten *THIS* far... you've obviously felt it worth
reading. *poke*
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