[linux-elitists] Microcomputerism

Michiel Overtoom motoom at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 14 15:48:10 PDT 2009

Don Marti wrote:

> Remember when "microcomputers" (nobody called them
> "PCs" yet) were going to bring power to individuals
> and small organizations?  Does anyone still have a
> favorite pro-decentralization essay from the days
> of 8-bit machines that came with real manuals?
> Maybe it's the introduction to a BASIC book, or an
> article in a purple mimeographed newsletter done on
> a dot-matrix printer.

The old-skool gopher at Quux.org might have some of that stuff,


which is viewable with Firefox, because FF can still view gopher sites.

Floodgap gopher has an index to many other gophers.


And the es-kwadraat gopher keeps an archive of old pre-web Well texts,


which contains a lot of material which fits your 'pro-decentralization 
essays' profile 'from the days of 8-bit machines'.


"The ability of the OSS process to collect and harness
the collective IQ of thousands of individuals across
the Internet is simply amazing." - Vinod Valloppillil

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