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Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Fri Jul 10 10:14:53 PDT 2009

begin Greg KH quotation of Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 09:34:00AM -0700:

> > Especially if all that the hardware manufacturer needs
> > is, "neener, neener, look at this, MSFT, can I have
> > a Windows discount now?"
> That's what they are primarily using Moblin for already :)

Which is why we have to remember that most desktop
Linux "failures" actually accomplished their goal,
and people shouldn't write off the companies that
"failed" but instead treat them as clients hungry
for more Linux.

Professor Mark J. Perry points out (
) that computer prices are down 90% in the past
10 years, but software prices are down only 47%.
There's a lot of squeezing room left.

("Fake Steve" is off base on the righteousness of this
strategy.  Revenue denied MSFT doesn't just vanish.
On the margin, an extra dollar in MSFT's hands
goes into the bowels of Microsoft Research to fund
unreleased wanking, while the same money at another
company turns into something that ships.)

> > The fun part is when the users who _don't_ return
> > their Linux machines start to buy products like office
> > all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machines (AIOs).  What
> > happens when customers start returning AIOs because
> > they don't work right with their Linux machines?
> Almost all of those machines work with Linux today already, so I doubt
> this will be an issue.  But if it does become one, hey, we are ready and
> able to help any company out with Linux support:
> 	http://www.linuxdriverproject.org

The kernel connects to everything just fine.
The question is what happens when the kernel tells
userspace, "hey, the user must have just gotten back
from Fry's because something just got plugged in."


  "Printer drivers live in userspace, not in the
  kernel. Please contact the Linux Printing Project
  about Linux printer drivers for specific printers
  and for all Linux printer issues."

...and the SANE project about scanning, and who knows
who about incoming fax.  Pretty soon Example.com's
printer division is sending out a whole UPS truck of
hardware, if they can find the right Linux people.

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