[linux-elitists] git and a sysadmin book

Jeremy Hankins nowan@nowan.org
Sat Jan 17 09:32:02 PST 2009

Bob Bernstein <rs@bernstein.providence.ri.us> writes:

> The conversational, "poetical" or metaphorical use of concepts
> extracted from physics ought to be deprecated.

Is only physics so holy, or do you also object to other instances of the
flexibility of language?  Perhaps the word "vandal" is inappropriate
because it originally referred to the celtic tribe, and the word "ogre"
should be used only to refer to Hungarians.

> Here's Philipp Frank writing in the 1940's. He's discussing "where" to
> begin a philosophical presentation of then-current physics:

Uh, rtfm.  Positivism, logical or otherwise, is (virtually) dead, and
the last few adherents should absent themselves asap.  Do you even
understand what this view entailed?  It failed miserably as a way of
understanding language and concepts, and the only ones who persist in it
do so out of some philosophical ax to grind.  You don't want to
associate yourself with that crowd.

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