[linux-elitists] git and a sysadmin book

Heather Stern star@starshine.org
Thu Jan 15 12:33:27 PST 2009

> Got a better model to present?
> Peace.

Sure.  Reduce the main points that you'd like to cover down to fortune
cookie sized soundbytes.  

Sort them into an order where anything complex enough to depend or
pre-depend on other elements goes in the right order.

Possibly some gentle flamage on easily abused phrases like "best practice"
or "at the end of the day" which have become generic in much the same
manner as the words 'aspirin' and 'kleenex'; but in the writing be aware
that it is, indeed, flamage, and try to keep it down to merely searing a
burger to its apropriate level of juicy goodness.

For elitists' sake, ideally choose directly from sufficiently famous quotes
in the /usr/share/games/fortunes database.  Ideally for people who are
not so elite to get their minds wrapped around it, the selected quotes
or quote-fragments should be short enough to be considered either as
titles or as subtitles in the chapters.

Numerous books in both fiction and non-fiction fields have been successful
with this technique, among them Katherine Kurtz' Deryni series (which used
the bible), The Ugly Fish Book / deep c secrets (lewis carroll and others,
with great amusement), Steven Brust's Vald Taltos series (not all books,
just some of them), and some nice little library bookm I grabbed once about
how to make presentations if your bag isn't being a professional presenter -
a book with great punwise potential imbued, called "Technically Speaking".

The net results should amuse people who are already in the know on a
section, and successfully lure in rather than drive off people who aren't
yet grokking it.

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    if there's no increase in entropy, there's nothing going on." -- CMQ

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