[linux-elitists] git and a sysadmin book

D. Joe Anderson deejoe@etrumeus.com
Wed Jan 14 06:48:43 PST 2009

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 01:10:50PM +0000, Teh Entar-Nick wrote:
> Rick Moen:
> > Anyway, whether the inexact borrowing was from one, two, or a dozen
> > sciences' stockpiles of jargon really doesn't rise above trivia, nei? 
> Very little of this thread has risen above trivia.

Well, yes.  My respondent selectively focused on the part of my
message that dealt with Karsten's persistent literal defense of
his use of the term "entropy", rather than even acknowledging my
subsequent point that the notion of "simplicity" in this context
has some problems with it.  I can only speculate as to why he
focused on that more trivial portion of the message, and why he
chose to favor my email in particular with his attention, but my
doing so publically would undoubtedly only feed more droll,
well-phrased pissiness.

The question of what "simple" means, and the surrounding
wrangling, supports by anti-example Don's point about sticking
with a single opinionated point of view.  Trotting out "inexact"
pseudoscientific constructions or defending them after the fact
isn't a very straightforward statement of opinion in any
case--more like flim-flammery designed to cloak a polemic in
whatever authority science's achievements carry.

If anyone really cares about the original thread, though,
perhaps we can get back on track by discussing whether or not
anyone here has used a DVCS for maintaining anything so much as
a single HOWTO?  Or would even consider doing so?

I haven't wrangled with a DVCS since lnx-bbc's brief foray into
tla territory.  I see that TLDP has a CVS repository--have there
been problems getting changes accepted by the project, or
localizations one has wanted to make, such that one has been
tempted to hive off a chunk into a personal DVCS instance?

D. Joe

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