[linux-elitists] git and a sysadmin book

Jeremy Hankins nowan@nowan.org
Mon Jan 12 08:23:15 PST 2009

"Karsten M. Self" <karsten@linuxmafia.com> writes:

> "Complexity is the enemy" is one of my buzzwords.  Another is "Large,
> low-entropy pools are inherently dangerous".  They're the same side of
> the same coin, and investigating the second in depth leads to some
> provocative discussions.
> What's a "low-entropy pool"?  Anything with potential.  Jerry-cans of
> gasoline, 110 story skyscrapers (or two sited next to one-another), CCC
> centers (command, control, & communications), server farms, active
> earthquake faults, fanatical fundamentalist religio-political
> ideologies, spaghetti code, ...

A nit: I don't think you're using the word entropy properly; you seem to
want to refer to high potential energy rather than low entropy.  Perhaps
the notion is that something with high potential energy can be
identified by the fact that it depends on low entropy for its
preservation (i.e., introduce a bit of entropy to your gasoline and no
more gasoline).  But a large stationary block of ice is quite low
entropy as well.  Low entropy is, all else being equal, desirable.  But
you are quite correct to point out that a system that can survive high
entropy conditions is even more desirable, and you're more likely to
find such systems in conditions of high entropy.

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