[linux-elitists] Spreading Free Software through tangential activities

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Sun Jan 4 07:13:25 PST 2009

Greg Folkert:
> I sometimes use it twice a day saying "KFC" to the people I work with,
> as I'm one of those people everyone goes to. I have to have context to
> answer the question many people just ask questions out of the blue.

Rick Moen taught me the technique of responding to incomprehensible
requests by smiling knowingly and asking the querent to "Tell me a

[Grumblingly adding 'querent' to vim's spell-checking with zg]

On my TV show, when I say "and where do we put policy?"      Nick Moffitt
the audience will yell "USERSPACE!"  -- Sean Q. Neakums     nick@zork.net

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