[linux-elitists] Fuck the cloud, but use it anyway

Teh Entar-Nick nick@teh.entar.net
Mon Feb 2 02:35:08 PST 2009

Ben Finney:
> There are a number of online services that take efforts to *not* keep
> data in a silo; e.g. feed readers that provide OPML documents of all
> my subscriptions, or bookmark sites that allow one's whole set to be
> downloaded in [some open format that I can't recall right now].

Ignoring your question about backup tools and strategies for now,
there's a movement afoot to formally define what keeps a site from being
a dangerous walled garden:


Brief summary of non-trivial points:
	* Use the AGPL (GPL version that gets around the ASP problem)
	* Rewrite Free versions of idiotic walled-garden services
		* write these in a distributed way (XMPP > AIM)
	* Users control all private data
	* Public data are under a Free license

A perfect storm: http://identi.ca/group/fuckthecloud

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