[linux-elitists] Fuck the cloud, but use it anyway

Vineet Kumar vineet@doorstop.net
Sun Feb 1 21:56:36 PST 2009

* Ben Finney (ben@benfinney.id.au) [090201 21:50]:
> I could ‘curl http://feeds.example.com/bignose/opml/’ (or whatever the
> thing is I want to keep safe) on a daily basis; but then it occurs to

> That leads to “real” backup, of course, with all the administrative
> burden: volume management, rolling archives, indexes, blah blah. I
> know where to look for tools to do this for networked filesystems.

Combine those two, and it starts to look like one decent answer.

Just grab the stuff periodically to your local filesystem somewhere, and ensure
that your local filesystem (which includes the network stuff, along with the
scripts used to fetch said stuff) is backed up properly.

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