[linux-elitists] HSUPA/HSDPA on Linux

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Thu Aug 13 07:36:11 PDT 2009

Thanks to helpful suggestions of several people on this list I 
recently got me a HP mini 2140, upgraded it to 2 GByte RAM and
a 2nd-gen Intel SSD (firmware bug now fixed) and loaded Ubuntu
Netbook remix on it (via USB flash stick install) along with 
Win XP home (clean Windows reinstall is hirsute, but what else
is new) as dual-boot. The keyboard, display and make are 
adequate (though the constantly blowing fan is slightly annoying,
and the thing could be cooler, but that's Atom, not ARM after all),
and I guess the runtime will get better once I upgrade to a
6-cell Li battery pack.

The residual warts are surprisingly few (mostly boot crashes
when connected to power source and sleep/hibernate issues with
lid closing, some minor sound issues), and likely to be ironed 
out by 9.10 coming out in November. The usability of Ubuntu
Netbook remix is already very good for my (modest) needs. 

Where I'm still a bit lost is at picking a well-supported
Express card which does HSDPA/HSUPA. I've managed to connect
fine with an Option GE0201 (Vodafone-branded) with O2 today. 
Any better alternatives out there, or should I just bite the 
bullet, and get the card on eBay while it's available?


P.S. In related news I'm also happy with Samsung i7500 aka
Galaxy, which comes with Cupcake. Apart from lack of USB tethering
which is supposed to be firmware-fixed Any Day Now it's the nicest
Android smartphone out there. 

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