[linux-elitists] email address obfuscation considered harmful

Gerald Oskoboiny gerald@impressive.net
Wed Sep 10 19:44:12 PDT 2008

One thing I really liked about this list when I joined was its
policy on email address munging:

    This list does not munge addresses. If you don't like that, don't
    post. Real elitists make spammers disappear for everyone; they
    don't hide from spammers. People who ask their addresses to be
    removed from the list archives will be publicly mocked. At
    Management's sole discretion, addresses of persons asking to be
    removed from the list archives may also be added to popular,
    frequently crawled pages on this or other sites.
    -- http://web.archive.org/web/20030811175517/http://zgp.org/mailman/listinfo/linux-elitists

I'm disappointed to see that not only has my favorite sentence
("Real elitists...") been removed from the current listinfo page,
but the archives now munge addresses to "gerald at impressive.net"

When did it become time to start hiding from spammers?

I just posted an entry on W3C's systems blog about the (lack of)
obfuscation in our mailing list archives, feedback welcome:
(here or there, or both)

Gerald Oskoboiny <gerald@impressive.net>

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