[linux-elitists] A modest proposal: SSD disk acceleration in kernel.

Ruben Safir ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Fri Oct 24 07:58:40 PDT 2008

>   - Swap to SSD.  As an intermediate stage between disk and memory in
>     speed, and with no seek penalty, parking your swap on SSD becomes a
>     no-brainer.  Likewise your suspend/restore partition (which is
>     already in swap if you or your distro are sane).  Suddenly paging
>     itself becomes a much less significant matter (you lose some
>     performance, but it's not order-of-magnitude as now).

BBad idea with current SSD's bcause of limited life.


>   - Database.  Say no more.  Table, access, lock, and other contention
>     issues evaporate.  I'm sure Oracle is looking at this stuff, I hope
>     the Postgresql and MySQL folk are as well.
>   - Power conservation.  Laptops with both SSD and rotational storage
>     can minimize spin-ups to only those times when data must be flushed
>     to (or read from) disk. Hopefully rarely.
> I suspect we're going to see future storage configurations in which
> 10-50% of system storage is SSD, and the remainder fixed disk for the
> bulk of server and desktop solutions.  High-end laptops will be fully
> SSD, as will most handhelds (cost, weight, performance, power, and
> reliability will drive this).  Allowing the OS to tune for maximum
> performance is almost certainly going to be the best way to utilize
> this capability.
> ... or am I smoking?
> Peace.
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> Notes:
> 1.  The other was Infiscale, who apparently deliver large-scale server
>     farm solutions to most of the large US gov't labs.
> 2.  The company was Fusion IO.  It was such a damned impressive and
>     effective  demo that they deserve the plug.
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