[linux-elitists] "Why I Hate KDE 4"

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Nov 5 01:14:36 PST 2008

Quoting Shlomi Fish (shlomif@iglu.org.il):

> On the other hand, I felt my KDE 4 rant was of particular interest.

FWIW, although I take as given that you honestly did think that, I also
think your judgement was, alas, not well founded.  (Since you mentioned it.)

> And lastly, there's a limit to how many links I can put, or want to
> put in my signature. 

Just as a reminder, the McQuary .signature limit is no more than _four_ 
lines following a flush-left "-- " delimiter.  And you don't have that
delmiter, either.  Admittedly, that .sig delimiter's reliance on
required yet invisible whitespace makes it a rather unfortunate
convention, but it's nonetheless what MUA software will look for, so
please do use it.

Cheers,                "I'm sorry Dan, what's right isn't always popular, 
Rick Moen              and what's popular isn't always right."
rick@linuxmafia.com                     -- George R. Moscone, Nov. 27, 1978

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