[linux-elitists] "Why I Hate KDE 4"

Shlomi Fish shlomif@iglu.org.il
Wed Nov 5 00:53:15 PST 2008

On Wednesday 05 November 2008, Don Marti wrote:
> begin Karsten M. Self quotation of Tue, Nov 04, 2008 at 02:36:48PM -0800:
> > Shlomi's taken some hits for this post.  His isn't a particularly
> > enlightened rant, but I find the genre of stuff that sucks (or doesn't)
> > generally useful.
> Remember, people: starting a blog does not turn every
> other online forum in the world into a place to let
> people know that you wrote new stuff on your blog.
> That's what RSS and Atom are for.

I posted a link to this article to exactly one forum - this one. I didn't go 
ahead publicising it. RSS and Atom are useful but they're not always a 
substitute for publicising particular entries of interest. No one has time to 
subscribe to all the RSS/Atom feeds in the world, and so if an entry is *of 
particular interest* to a certain forum, then it would be appropriate to 
publicise it there.

My technical blog (just one of the blogs I maintain) contains many obscure 
technical tips (for Perl, Mandriva, and other technologies), tales of how I 
overcame particular bugs, and other things of low interest to this list and 
to many other people. As a result, they may choose not to subscribe to my 
web-feeds. On the other hand, I felt my KDE 4 rant was of particular 

Also of note is that I don't follow http://www.catonmat.net/ , because I 
generally find it of low interest. On the other hand, when Peteris mentioned 
this post - http://www.catonmat.net/blog/set-operations-in-unix-shell/ - on 
IRC, I found it interesting, read it, and enjoyed it.

> If you want to promote your blog, just put the URL in
> your .sig, so that when you write something on the
> list, people will say, "Oh, that person who wrote
> something on the list also has a blog," not "Oh,
> that person is an ass who posted a teaser message to
> the list to try to get traffic to his blog, so that's
> one blog I know I can skip."

First of all, I should note that people syndicated their blogs by saying "I 
wrote about X and Y" on various forums I frequent countless of times, without 
me thinking they are "an ass". Secondly, assuming that just because a person 
did that, then his blog is of little interest to you, is jumping to 
conclusions, and a variation of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem .

And lastly, there's a limit to how many links I can put, or want to put in my 
signature. I already have a link to my homepage, and to a random article I 
wrote, and a quote. My homepage contains links to the blogs I maintain.


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