[linux-elitists] attack of the low-cost ultra-mobile linux boxen

Tony Godshall togo@of.net
Mon May 19 10:36:14 PDT 2008

I was tempted by the eee-pc but stayed out
because of the screen (800 pixels wide?  heck,
my cell phone does that!).  To me, a device
needs 1024 wide to render a web page properly
(due to rigid web designers) and at least 100dpi.

But now with the HP2133 coming out (ship
date ETA 6/1 at last visit to HP.com) I looked
around again I found that there's now an eee-pc
with a bigger, sharper screen, and another very
interesting ultraportable: the wibrain (heheh).

I post here the specs I collected in the hopes it'll save someone else
some trouble:

wibrain b1lh   1024x600   4.8"   247dpi	1.15lb	$499	512M RAM       30G
    VIA C7M 1.2GHz CPU	Linux/Ubuntu	dynamism.com or redorbit.com
wibrain b1le   1024x600   4.8"   247dpi	1.15lb	$649	1G RAM
60G     VIA C7M 1.2GHz CPU	Linux/Ubuntu	dynamism.com or redorbit.com

eee pc 900    1024x600   8.9"   133dpi	2.1lb	$550	1G RAM           20G
    Intel	Linux/Suse	centralcomputer

hp 2133         1280x1024 8.9"   184dpi	2.8lb	 $550	512M RAM
20G     VIA C7-M 1.2 Ghz	Linux	KR922UT Linux version from hp.com ships

In the end I bought an eee pc 900 in person at Central Computer in
Santa Clara rather than wait for the HP, partly because I'm heading to
Asia in a week and partly because it has more memory.

A couple of cool things I found after I bought it:

1) ASUS has, in its manual, a list of devices qualified to work with
it (mostly USB devices) including normally problematic things like TV

2) It has voice activation included for launching apps: you say
"computer, notes" and it brings up a sticky note.  You say "computer,
clock" and it brings up a world clock app.

3) Power supply is 12V DC which is handy

Best Regards.
Please keep in touch.
This is unedited.

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